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Elite SEO SEO guaranteed SEO Services delivers results, making the decision to invest in search engine optimization an easy one. Our SEO Agency will provide a custom SEO quote, targeting the most relevant and best converting keywords in your niche. Our SEO proposals offer guaranteed first page rankings in Google within 90 days for the majority (typically seventy-five percent or more) of your target keywords. For local SEO campaigns, Market Leader SEO often is able to guarantee Top 5 Google rankings within 90 days.

Virtual Assistant Service

Are you interested in getting a trained, full time virtual assistant to do all your redundant SEO tasks…
…for $1.87 an hour??

Elite SEO Services Builders is pleased to introduce…

A fully trained, ready to work virtual assistant with access to hundreds of dollars per month of advanced software, networks, link building strategies, in house training and experience in SEO!

Get everything you need done without lifting a finger!

Dear SEO,

Are you sick and tired of submitting, RSS feeding, pinging, social bookmarking, link building, indexing and link baiting your way to the top of Google?

Have you had enough of Web 2.0s, spun articles, profiles, articles, high PR links, forum marketing and blog commenting already?

Listen to me for a second:

Link building is in and of itself a full time job.

You are working on your online business. You are building your empire. You are maintaining your path towards wealth and prosperity and keeping your head above water while always reaching for the next level.

Do you seriously have time to build links 6-8 hours a day on top of everything you are already doing?!

Your competitors don’t, and they don’t intend to try.

That’s right. Your competition isn’t interested in redundant SEO tasks either. They are focusing so hard on their own products and websites that they don’t screw around at ALL with this kind of stuff.

They have reached the point where they are actually LOSING MONEY by not hiring help for building links to their websites.

Here’s a breakdown of what you get…

Our full time VA service costs only 200 dollars per month…

With that, you receive an SEO with access to advanced services like SENuke, Article Marketing Robot, ect…

The total amount of work done per month on all your different websites greatly exceeds the cost we are asking our clients to pay.

  1. High PR Blog Posts on a private network.
  2. Article directories submission
  3. Web 2.0 properties
  4. Web 2.0 profile
  5. Forum Profile
  6. Forum posting sites
  7. Link wheel
  8. Link Pyramid
  9. Blog Comment
  10. Social bookmarking
  11. Video submission to top video sites
  12. High pr blog comments
  13. Run senuke-x for tier 2
  14. Document Sharing Sites
  15. Niche Directory Submission
  16. Social Media
  17. RSS Feed Creation & Submission of all links built from this month
  18. Report will be submitted in excel sheet or Google Docs and sent daily to your email with full information.
  19. Ranking report online, check and update weekly.
  20. All links placed by hand – not by any software
  21. If you can define the process and train our Virtual Assistant, we can do whatever you want.

Iron Clad 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not thrilled with your VA’s service within one week of purchase, we will refund the full amount of your purchase, zero questions asked.

Trust me, I’d be more than happy to give you a 30 or 60 day money back guarantee if this were an info product or some software, but unfortunately, these are REAL PEOPLE doing REAL WORK!

We want you to be satisfied and are committing ourselves to that, but we can’t have someone work an entire month for free, especially at only $1.87 per hour!


Ready to get started?

 It’s only $170 / month for a full time SEO VA…


 Only $90 / month for a part time SEO VA…

 Only $45 / week for a SEO VA…


After order:

After signed up, simply send an excel spreadsheet to Jason with your link URL’s and Anchor Texts and we will get the work done. Simple and Effective!

- After make payment, please send information below(to email: Sales@article-submission-service.org

View sample report will full service:   Click here to view

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are these native English speakers?

A: No, they are fluent in English, but not as much as a native speaker like an American or English person might be. We take care to train them and make sure they are fluent enough to write good SEO content for submissions despite the fact that they are speaking English as a second language.

Q: How soon from my purchase will I get my VA?

A: VA’s are on standby right now and are ready to roll as soon as an order is received. This means that within 72 hours of your order, you should receive correspondence with your dedicated virtual assistant, ready to help you and get your websites ranking.

Q: How many hours per week do these VA’s work?

A: Our VA’s work approximately 40 hours in a standard week doing SEO link building for 300 dollars per month, at a rate of $1.87 per hour. While this may seem criminal to charge someone so little, in India, where our VA’s are located, this is actually a fair wage for a worker of this level.

Q: What kind of reports will I receive?

A: You will receive weekly reports and updates of VA activity to make sure you are getting your money’s worth for your investment. Everything is tracked and sent to you via e-mail to make sure your VA keeps up with the work load.

If our SEO firm fails to deliver the promised results from your website, there are no charges for our SEO Service until the minimum ranking requirements are met. If after 180 days, our SEO Company fails to achieve the contract ranking objectives, we will even refund your first three month payments. This is truly SEO the right way!

When you sign-up for Market Leader SEO Services, there are no long term contracts or commitments. Our online marketing agency earns your business with our Google ranking guarantee after 90 days of service, and the top rankings we obtain for clients. With an industry leading 98% retention rate, our customers stick with us due to the excellent value we deliver.

Market Leader SEO offers a truly full-service SEO program. Our services include professional keyword research and copy writing, onsite optimization, link building, social media account set up, conversion optimization and online rank tracking. We also offer full service pay per click management and social media management services.

Our SEO optimization company works hard to get you the rankings and traffic you deserve, so that you can focus on your business.

If you are looked to buy guaranteed SEO Services, our program has the best combination of pricing and ranking guarantees. We offer affordable SEO Marketing Services, which fit into any small business SEO budget. Our SEO pricing starts at $500 per month and is custom based on keywords selected and competition.

Let’s get started! Contact us for a no obligation SEO quote and audit. Market Leader SEO is the best SEO Company.

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